Save Time And Money With A Saltwater Pool

When you hire Care Free Pools to install your fiberglass saltwater pool, you can rest assured that you’re getting the safest, durable, and efficient pool system in Middle Tennessee. We use saltwater in all of our pool installations because of the numerous advantages they offer over traditional chlorine systems.

One of the primary benefits of a saltwater pool installation is its attractive price tag: Not only does it incur a lower setup cost, but also fewer long-term expenses. This is because saltwater pools require far less maintenance than chlorine systems do. As a result, you save on maintenance fees and replacement parts while eliminating the need to store and handle chlorine – something that can be tedious, risky, and expensive.

Since saltwater pools use fewer harsh chemicals, they are also gentler on your skin and eyes. The water in these pools is typically softer and smoother, so it doesn’t dry your skin like traditionally chlorinated water does. As a bonus, you don’t have to deal with the strong smell of chlorine.

Are Saltwater Pools Sanitary?

Because they utilize a process to convert salt to chlorine, saltwater pools are just as sanitary as traditional chlorine pools. In a saltwater pool, a chlorine generator transforms sodium chloride (table salt) into chlorine through a process known as electrolysis. The chlorination process also filters out irritating substances like chloramines and oxidizing dirt. Like regular chlorine, this converted chlorine is highly effective in killing bacteria and algae.

Get Started On Your Saltwater Pool Installation

At Care Free Pools, we take the hassle out of saltwater pool construction and maintenance. We’ll provide quality craftsmanship during installation and be there to answer any questions that may arise post-installation. Additionally, our team of experts will educate you on how your saltwater pool system works and how to properly maintain it.

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