Inground Plunge Pools

A fiberglass plunge pool offers all the benefits that you get in a traditional pool, but with a smaller footprint. This typically makes the plunge pool more affordable and easier to maintain than some other pool models. Inground plunge pools provide the perfect spot to cool off and unwind. On the other hand, they also make great cocktail pools. Many homeowners install plunge pools because of the health benefits they offer. In addition to helping you relax, swimming in an inground plunge pool can increase circulation while reducing pain and swelling.

Depending on the plunge pool’s size, it can also be used as a fitness pool. Our Outback Escape fiberglass plunge pool measures 17’ by 8’6”, so it provides plenty of swimming and exercise space. The plunge pools that we offer are manufactured by Barrier Reef — one of the largest family-owned fiberglass pool manufacturers in the world. These pools are made in the U.S.A. with high-grade materials and feature an average thickness that is greater than industry standards. Plus, they are enhanced with sparkling shimmer effects and protected with an advanced gel coating and vinyl ester resin.

Choose from a variety of colors and enjoy features like wide entry steps, deep end seats, and swim outs. You can also customize your fiberglass plunge pool with lighting, heating, spa jets, custom concrete work, and outdoor living design features like water walls – the possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking to make a big statement with a small budget, invest in a fiberglass plunge pool.

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