Inground Free-form Pools

Because they mimic ocean waves, free-form fiberglass pools make a tranquil and visually appealing pool style option. A curvy free-form pool is perfect if you want to create an organic aesthetic in your backyard. Besides being eye-catching, this increasingly popular pool design offers the flexibility of accommodating small and large backyards alike. Additionally, since they are fuller and rounder than some other pool shapes, residential free-form pools provide plenty of space for swimming.

All of our inground free-form pools are manufactured by Barrier Reef — one of the largest family-owned fiberglass pool manufacturers in the world. These pools are made in the U.S.A. with high-grade materials and feature an average thickness that is greater than industry standards. In addition, they are enhanced with sparkling shimmer effects and protected with an advanced gel coating and vinyl ester resin.

Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and features. Our wide selection of free-form pool designs includes models with generous entry steps, deep end seats, swim outs, lounging ledges, and more. We also offer free-form pools integrated with spas.

With a free-form fiberglass pool, there’s no need for a straight edge — instead, you’ll be embraced in a wrap-around style that looks like it was designed by nature itself. Browse our fiberglass free-form pool designs below to find the perfect swimming pool for your backyard.

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